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"Love and Gratitude" -- Love in the Archives 2022

Love and Gratitude


We are now in the third calendar year of a global pandemic that has radically changed every aspect of our lives. Our healthcare workers have been working non-stop to save lives and ease the suffering of the dying. Ordinary people going about their daily lives have now been classified as “essential workers.”  These cashiers, cleaners, and many, many others have always been there, but it took a pandemic for people to recognize their worth. To all the essential workers who have shown up day after day to their jobs so that the rest of us can keep going, we offer you our eternal Love and Gratitude.


For safety reasons, this year's Love in the Archives exhibit will be held online. We do look forward to the time when we can see all of you in person. Until then we ask that everyone stay safe and and be well. 

Digital exhibit built by Portia Vescio, University Archivist, Center for Southwest Research and Special Collections, University Libraries, University of New Mexico with contributions from Nancy Brown-Martinez, Cindy Abel Morris, Audra Bellmore, and Jennifer Dawn Eggleston.