ebooks at UNM

Software: Personal computer

Create an account with Adobe Digital Editions. ProQuest requires this software to download its ebooks. About Adobe Digital Editions.

  1. Create an Adobe ID
  2. Download and install the software
  3. Authorize Adobe Digital Editions on your personal computer

Downloading: Personal computer

If an eBook available via ProQuest, this icon is in the upper left corner of the screen:

ProQuest eBook Central purple and blue logo

1. Must have Adobe Digital Editions installed

2. Click the button. Not all titles are available for download

3. Sign in with your netID and password

Off campus log in prompt for Net ID and password

4. Select Laptop Desktop and the appropriate selection for your computer - public or private

Icon choice for devices laptop or desktop, iOS, Android or other device

5. Click Done with this step

Explanation of Adobe Digital Editions and necessary companion free account

6. Select the loan length for the book

Red arrow pointing to dropdown menu of loand length options and red arrow pointing to download button

7. Select Adobe Digital Editions program to open the file

Red box around option to open with Adobe Digital Editions


Software: Mobile Devices

To read ProQuest eBooks on your mobile device, install the Bluefire Reader application.

1. Create an Adobe ID.

2. Download Bluefire Reader.

3. Authorize the applications on your device using your Adobe ID.

Downloading: Mobile Devices

1. Follow the steps in the box above to create an Adobe ID, download Bluefire Reader, and authorize it on your device

** Your browser must allow pop-ups**

2. Click Online Access in the eBook's record

Library catalog item detail view with red circle around Online Access link

3. Click Full Download

4. Log in with your netID and password

Prompt to be taken to UNM's sign in page with Continue button option

5. Select your operating system (iOS or Android)

Device identification icons of laptop, desktop, iOS, Android or other, and arrow pointing to "i'm using my own computer."

6. Select Done with this step

Bluefire Reader announcement with red arrow to "done with this step."

7. Select a loan length for the book and a Download Format (ePub recommended for mobile)

Loan length dropdown menu, red circle around EPUB format choice, and download button

8. The book will open in Bluefire Reader

Print, Download, and Access Limits

In EBSCO and ProQuest eBook databases, print, download, and access permissions differ for each eBook. This information is in the record for each title. See below for examples.


Red box around print, email, save Publisher Permissions



Red underline of concurrent user access, and red box around page limits for copying, printing and downloading



If you experience problems opening eBooks on your PC:

  • Restart your computer after installing Adobe Digital Editions
  • Save the acsm file to your desktop and drag it into Adode Digital Editions
  • Visit ProQuest's website