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Software: Personal Computer

Personal Computers - Adobe Digital Editions: EBSCO requires this software to download its ebooks. About Adobe Digital Editions.

  1. Create an Adobe ID.
  2. Download and install the software
  3. Authorize Adobe Digital Editions on your personal computer.

Downloading: Personal Computer

If an eBook is published by EBSCO, you will see this in the catalog record:

Red box around EBSCO ebook collection and publisher print email and save permissions

1. Download Adobe Digital Editions using the instructions in the box above.

2. In the eBook's record, click download arrow.

3. Click 'Sign in/Create account.'

4. Sign in using your MyEBSCOhost account or a Google account. The first time you log in with a Google account, select 'Yes' to agree to the personal data usage agreement.

5. Select PDF for Download Format and check the box acknowledging that Adobe Digital Editions is installed.

Detail of title and red arrow pointing to PDF button and check box of I have Adobe Digital Editions installed

6. Open the file in Adobe Digital Editions.

In download screen, red box around open with adobe digital editions


Software: Mobile Devices

Mobile Devices - Bluefire Reader: EBSCO requires this software to download its ebooks. About Bluefire Reader.

  1. Create an Adobe ID.
  2. Download the Bluefire Reader from the App Store
  3. Authorize it on your mobile device using your Adobe ID.

Downloading: Mobile Devices

1. Click Download and sign into your myEBSCOhost account or create one using the collapsible menu in the upper left corner of the screen. NOTE: Apple users must use the Safari Browser.

2. Sign in to your myEBSCOhost account or a Google account.

3. Click Download in the record.

4. Select a format and click Download.

5. Click Allow.

Red circle around allow site to open a pop-up window

6. Click Open in Bluefire Reader. The blue "BR" icon should be present when you click "Open in Bluefire Reader." If a different icon is present, click "More..." and scroll until you can choose the Bluefire Reader icon.

Red box around option to open in Bluefire reader

7. The book will appear in Bluefire Reader on the bookshelf.

Print, Download, and Access Limits

In EBSCO and ProQuest eBook databases, print, download, and access permissions differ for each eBook. This information is in the record for each title. See below for examples.


Red box around print, email, save Publisher Permissions



Red underline of concurrent user access, and red box around page limits for copying, printing and downloading



If you experience problems opening eBooks on your PC:

  • Restart your computer after installing Adobe Digital Editions
  • Save the acsm file to your desktop and drag it into Adode Digital Editions
  • Visit EBSCO's help websites for personal computer or mobile device
  • The book may be in use. Visit EBSCO's website and scroll to "Placing a hold on an eBook"

Transfer EBSCO eBooks to Mobile Devices

Read about how to transfer EBSCO eBooks to portable devices here.