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Print Disabilities' Services

If you are a UNM faculty, student, staff or affiliate who is blind or has a print disability, we can provide you with a digital copy of any book in the HathiTrust collection, regardless of its copyright status, using the HathiTrust Accessible Text Request Service.

A print disability is any type of disability that prevents you from being able to read a print book, which includes but is not limited to blind/low vision, cognitive disabilities, learning disabilities, or physical disabilities.

To request books through this service, please use our online request form. For books not in HathiTrust, we will attempt to provide an accessible digital copy from another source.

About HathiTrust: Contains books and scholarly journals digitized from libraries around the world covering many topics and languages. NOTE: Choose University of New Mexico for full access to restricted content and log in with NetID

Students needing access to digitized versions of their course materials or textbooks are able to get assistance from UNM's Accessibility Resource Center.