ebooks at UNM

Info About Finding and Accessing Ebooks

Follow the four (4) steps below to find, view, and download an ebooks from the Catalog Search on the library homepage.

  • To View you need your Net ID and password
  • To Download most vendors require Adobe Digital Editions.

Some vendors may require a second account

  •  Vendors, such as Cambridge Histories Online, Safari Books, and Hispanic Digitalia, require a personal account for access. See the Ebooks Databases tab for details.
  •  Safari Books also requires users to create an account using their UNM email address. See the Safari Books tab for details.

Four steps for Finding and accessing eBooks

1. Enter your search terms via the Catalog Search

Quick Search on the library.unm.edu homepage

2. Limit search results - check eBooks in "Limit by Source type."Limit search results using left bar

3. Select an ebook's title words to review the record.

3a. Ebooks with "Online Access" under the title or in the book's record mean you'll be directed to another vendor site to read online or download a chapter/book.

3b. Ebooks with "PDF Full Text", "EPUB Full text" , or "Full Download" under the title or in the book's record mean the ebook is available in Quick Search.

ebook download link options

4. Log in using your netID and password, if you are off campus