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FAQ for Ebooks

Below are common Questions with Answers. For More help Please contact Ask A Librarian

  • How can I get help with eBooks?
    Please contact Ask a Librarian for help.
  • Do you have the Overdrive or Libby platform for eBooks?
    No. The University Libraries' vendors do not use the Overdrive or Libby platforms
  • Do I have to download an eBook to read it?
    No. You may read the ebook in your web browser. Must have internet access.
  • Can I get an eBook through ILL?
    Most requests are not typically filled because of licensing constraints such as Digital Rights Management (DRM).  Send an email to libill@unm.edu with any questions about a particular title. You can also request the purchase of an electronic edition of a book
  • How do I know if a book available in eBook format?
    The Quick Search on the Library homepage has records of most of the ebooks available from the library, but some vendors' ebook titles are not in the Quick Search. Please contact Ask a Librarian if you do not find the title in Quick Search.
  • Can I print an entire eBook?
    It depends. Copyright law and vendor licensing may restrict printing and downloading. Please review the Vendor Guide in the Finding & Accessing ebooks tab.
  • Do I need to download an eBook to print from it?
    It depends. Many times, you can print or email PDFs without downloading the eBook.Some vendors don't allow printing at all, and some vendors restrict the amount of printing.

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