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A research guide for Studio Art, a Department within the College of Fine Arts at UNM

resources on campus

Don't forget these valuable research resources!

Visit Zimmerman Library’s Center for Southwest Research for access to significant collections of posters and prints, unique archives and rare books, and photographic collections, all with a particularly strong focus on Latin America.

Visit the many museums and galleries on campus at UNM.

Multimedia, Scanners, Printers @ the FADL

Scanners and printers are as follows:

  • Two Epson V-750 Scanners (with instructions) that can accommodate up 8 1/2 x 11 in. materials. Can also scan transparencies such as film or slides.
  • An overhead scanner for fragile, delicate materials, books, and artworks
  • One color printer/copier that can print up to 11 x 14 in., and two black and white printer/copiers

Multimedia & media stations:

  • DVDs and CDs are open-browse
  • VHS's and LPs are held in storage but can be requested for check out from the front desk
  • Viewing stations play Blu-Ray, CD, LPs, VHS and DVD, and can also be used to transfer VHS to DVD as needed. Headphones can be checked out at the front desk

All Library computers come equipped with Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, etc.), accessible at any of our computer labs

Libraries during the Covid-19 Emergency

Please keep in mind that the COVID-19 pandemic impacts our normal services, hours, and spaces. 

  • face maskUsually eating and drinking is permitted in most library spaces. However, no eating or drinking will be allowed in library buildings while mask requirements are in effect. This includes any items purchased at the Zimmerman Starbucks cafe. 
  • Library service desks will only be able help resolve quick questions at this time. Questions that take more than a couple of minutes to answer will be referred to our Ask A Librarian chat service or a consultation with a subject specialist librarian
  • During this time, please default to using virtual library services whenever possible

To see the most recent information and latest updates, visit the Covid-19 guide linked below. You can also use the Ask A Librarian FAQ or online chat service to double-check on the availability of library services, technology, or spaces. 

Covid-19: Options for Library Resources & Services

Research Consultation & Instruction

Research Consultations

We are here to help faculty, student, and community researchers to develop their research projects, from discovery through end product, including navigating image rights for publication and managing citations. We also assist in developing project plans that may require funding proposals and/or community collaborators.

  • Assistance with research question refinement
  • Researching topic areas, including searching and finding a wide variety of media formats
  • Documentation strategies and standards
  • Research area-specific repositories & archives
  • Strategies for planning the research process from start to finish

Reference Support

Working in research intensive disciplines like Art History delving into a wide variety of resources across media, related disciplines, and hard to find resources like archives and rare books. The Fine Arts & Design Library Public Services team in the University Libraries is here to help you in your research activities.

  • Locating resources, like books, archives and media for use in proposals, research projects and instructional programs
  • Evaluation tools, technologies and strategies for citation management, instruction, and more
  • Identifying both on- and off-campus collaborators and resources

Instruction and Training

Art History is a continuously evolving discipline in which continuous learning and practice of new skills and strategies is the norm. UNM's Fine Arts & Design Library team works very hard to stay abreast of ongoing developments in the field and provides training and instruction for classes, groups and individuals in a wide variety of subject areas.

Credit courses:

  • Introduction to Photography (ARTS 185)

General and Custom Instruction & Training Sessions:

  • researching in the arts first principles
  • arts documentation & citation
  • collaboration tools

Intro to the Fine Arts & Design Library














Welcome to The Fine Arts and Design Library! Some of the things we offer are:


A diverse range of books on the history, theory, and practice of art​​​​

Panoramic vistas from the top floor of George Pearl Hall

Group study rooms, computer labs, a smart classroom, scanners, and printers

Laptops, DVDs, and more for check out - just ask!

Print and digital periodicals for your research

Special collections such as artists' books and other rare publications.


Beyond the Fine Arts and Design Library, did you know that you have unrestricted access to all the resources of the four libraries here on campus?!


  • Visit Centennial to find maps or illustrations from the sciences
  • Ask at the Center for Southwest Research about our amazing collection of Latin American political posters, photographs, letters, and other unique archival sources.
  • While you're in Zimmerman, read up on psychology, critical theory, film, or literature. Many books cross over with Anthropology, Sociology, History, and other subjects, and may be held in their collections. So if they aren't at FADL, be sure to check Zimmerman
  • Remember that arts exhibits are abundant around campus - and not just at galleries and museums! Check out Parish Library for the creative exhibits on display there each month!
  • And remember, you can access our electronic resources, from ebooks to electronic journal articles and images, anytime via

Fine Arts Librarian for Art, Architecture & Planning

Stephanie Beene's picture
Stephanie Beene
George Pearl Hall, Top Floor: Fine Arts & Design Library (Room 435)

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