How to find music resources at the UNM University Libraries

Welcome To The Fine Arts & Design Library (FADL)

Welcome to the UNM University Libraries! The Fine Arts and Design Library is a fantastic resource for your music research needs. Our collection includes many resources, including music scores, books about the history and practice of music, journal article and databases, streaming music, and audio/visual listening stations. We also have computers, scanners, and printers available for the entire UNM community.


Best bets

Computer Music Station

A Mac computer equipped with Sibelius, Finale, Logic Pro, and Adobe Creative Cloud is available in the Fine Arts and Design Library. The library also has a full 49-key keyboard and sustaining pedal for use with the music software. This computer is one of three new Macs with dual monitors available for UNM affiliates, and is located in the main area of FADL. The keyboard and sustaining pedal are kept behind the circulation desk, and can be requested as needed.

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Performing in the Fine Arts and Design Library

The Fine Arts and Design Library hosts student performances throughout the year. The library is a great public space to practice your performance before a recital or competition. Please contact Amy Jackson ( to schedule a performance.