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Global & National Security Policy Institute: Research Guide

Writing & Citing Guides

There are several citation styles that you may use when writing. Many of these citation style guides also offer writing and format guidance.

UNM Writing Help

Managing Your Citations

Citation management software can help you manage the articles/citations/PDFs you gather as you research and can help you easily create properly formatted papers and bibliographies. The most popular citation manager software supported at UNM is:

Other similar tools are available. To learn more or compare tools, visit this University of Washington Libraries webpage

Please contact me, Liz Cooper,, for questions or assistance. 

Presentation Design

Creating an effective and visually interesting presentation is important in order to get your ideas across to your audience. Visit the "Presentation Design" help guide below, created by UNM Librarians based on their popular workshop. It includes tips and links to books and resources on how to create an effective presentation. 

In addition to the books listed on the UNM LIbrary's Presentation Design guide, this book by Edward Tufte is a key resource for understanding how to present information visually.