Presentation Design

Designing effective presentations & posters

Workshop Materials

Sharing your work

If you want your audience and other to have access to your presentation materials, consider posting resources on a site such as the following


General Presentation Principles

The following core principles apply whether you're creating a poster presentation or slides to accompany an oral presentation


  • Think and communicate visually: Humans remember images and words better than words alone.
  • Be consistent: Keep your slides or poster design simple and use a consistent style (fonts, colors)
  • Focus: Keep your audience focused on your most important points


  • Hook and Preview
  • Methods, Data and/or Details (Don't dwell overlong here)
  • Conclusion and Takeaways

Other Considerations

  • Use stories to help people remember your points
  • Use metaphorical thinking to choose impactful and meaningful images
  • Avoid "slide-uments" (slides that contain a high level of text detail). To communicate detail, make a slideshow as well as a handout/document

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