Latin American Studies

This guide offers an overview of resources for Latin American studies. It can be used with specific subject guides.

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This guide includes key references for Latin American studies resources. It should be used as a supplement to specific subject guides in discipline- specific courses like History, Political Science, Spanish, etc. UNM has been a Title VI, National Resource Center for studies of Latin America and our Latin American library collections are among the best in the country. If you have any questions about how to find materials from or about Latin America, feel free to contact me. Use the table of contents to the left to navigate to various resources. 

Latin American collections include nearly 850,000 print and electronic books in English, Spanish, Portuguese and indigenous languages. Supporting research across all UNM colleges, these comprehensive holdings also include 13,000 digitized archival pieces, 5000 repository manuscripts, and sizable archival collections in the Center for Southwest Research and Special Collections. The following post-custodial collections make shared materials openly accessible through UNM platforms: Fideicomiso Archivo Plutarco Elias Calles y Fernando Torreblanca (FAPECFT), Hemispheric Research Institute (HEMI), Spanish Colonial Research Center (SCRC), Abya Yala and the Latin American Energy Policy, Regulation and Dialogue (LaEnergaia).   

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