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Criminal Justice and Violence

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International Data Sources

Great place to look for data sets on specific topics

In addition to the links on this page, Princeton University Library's Data & Statistical Services librarians have created a great catalog for identifying data sets on specific topics. Check it out!  Although the links on the site are via Princeton’s servers and often will not work for us at UNM, after you identify a useful data set, you can Google the data set’s name and gain access to those that are free or that UNM might have access to or you can get info on how to acquire the data sets that require fees, etc. Contact me, Liz Cooper ( for assistance. 

New Mexico Data

Polling Data

Public opinion polls cover both political and sociological topics.

To learn more about polls, check out the tutorial on  Polling Fundamentals (from the Roper Center). Designed for the novice, it provides definitions, examples, and explanations that introduce students to the field of public opinion research.

For an overview of the major polling websites (both free and subscription), review this article: Guide to Public Opinion Poll Web Sites.

Some useful websites and tools with poll information include: