SciFi BLAST-OFF 2023

Play trivia with us!

Thursday, January 26, 4:30-6:00 PM CANCELLED 

Reconnect with other Lobos and science fiction fans! Enjoy some friendly competition. Gather a team of your friends and show off your epic knowledge of science fiction trivia. Solo players are also welcome.


And the Winning 2023 Sci Fi Trivia Team is...

At the beginning of game play, teams will provide a description of their ideal logo to the trivia organizers. The winning team will receive a poorly drawn logo depicting their idea. You can see logos for previous years' victorious teams below.

In 2021, the "Very Stable Geniuses" requested a logo that looked like "Skeletor from H-Man but wearing a business suit." Here is a poorly drawn rendering of their vision.


In  2020, the victorious team requested a logo that looked like "three unicorns howling at the moon." 

Assemble Your Friends

Illustration of three robots identical except for colors: green, blue, red

Step 1: Form your team. 

Step 2: Invent your team name.

Step 3. Register! As a team or as an individual. 

Step 4: Conquer your opponents!

Step 5: Enjoy fame and glory. And see your team honored on this page in the future.