Presentation Design

Concrete steps to make slides better

  • Use less text and make the text you use BIGGER.
  • Focus attention around eye-catching and relevant images. Use visuals where possible instead of text.
  • Use graphs and charts that simplify, rather than complicate material. If a chart/graph is confusing or busy, break it into multiple charts/graphs and layer them one at a time on different slides.
  • Go full-slide with images (make sure your images are sufficient resolution).
  • Use blank space to draw attention to your message.
  • Practice, practice, practice

Books on presentation design

Image Sources

There are many online sources for high quality images with Creative Commons licenses, which allow for re-use with attribution. A recommended attribution strategy is to credit/cite all images at the end of your presentation or poster.


Slide Presentations

Alternatives to & templates for traditional software (PowerPoint, Keynote)