ENGL 1120

What Now?

Now that you've taken the ENGL 1120 Library Tutorial and digested the Research Bytes, here are the tools we recommend frequently for ENGL 1120 assignments. Use Step 3 when you're ready to start your research.  

Tour of the Library Website

There are four areas that we consistently recommend for students in ENGL 1120: 1) Catalog Search, 2) books, 3) Research Guides, & 4) Databases

library website screen shot pointing out the "Catalog search," "databases," and "research guides" specifically

Catalog Search: Good place to start your research, but it can also be overwhelming.  Try narrowing results by date or type.  

Books: Find physical books and ebooks here 

Research Guides: Check out other research guides for more tips about where to look. 

Databases: Know which database you want to start with? Listed alphabetically here (e.g. JSTOR, Academic Search Complete). Databases by Subject: Not sure which database to try first? Start here.  Remember, your topic might be multidisciplinary. 

Screenshot of databases box with "by subject" drop down menu


Research Guides


Have questions? Not to worry! Use the any of the following methods *or* the chat box below: