ENGL 1120

Gathering a Citation Through a Database

Most of our databases have the option to save a citation -- but you may have to look around to see where the option is.  Here's how to find it in a few of our popular databases. Also: check out Research Byte #4: Citation Generators. 

EBSCO databases (Academic Search Complete, Quick Search, and many others)  

Once you find an article you like, click on the title. Search result. Click on title for full information

Find the menu bar on the right hand side of the page.  Highlighted and indicated with a red arrow is the "cite" button. Click on this button to be given citation options like APA, MLA, and Chicago.

menu which includes a "Cite" button

Scroll through the results and locate which citation format you need. Copy and paste to your paper and you are done! 

Google Scholar 

From Google Scholar, just look for the quotation mark button. 

Quotation mark button under the article blurb

ProQuest Databases 

Similarly, once you find an article you want to cite, look for the "cite" button in the upper right of the article page. 





While database generated citations are pretty good, sometimes you'll have to go in and clean them up.  Or you may end up needing to cite a website.  Purdue OWL can help you! And it's free! 


If you know you'll be doing a lot of research, check out Zotero.  This is a FREE tool that not only keeps track of your articles, but it also creates citations and bibliographies.  ‚Äč


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