ENGL 1120

Quick Help

If you've been researching for 15 minutes, and you haven't had any luck, we recommend using one of these methods for getting some quick help.  Tell them 1) what you'd like to find and 2) what you've already tried. They'll be able to help you with next steps.  Use this option if you run into anything weird -- like you can't access a database or article you think you should be able to or if you have questions about your account. You can also check out Research Byte #11: Getting Research Help. 

In-Depth Help

If you would like to schedule an appointment with a librarian, use the "Schedule Appointment" button below. Students often make appointments

  • when they're starting a research project as a way to save time
  • when they're stuck, overwhelmed, or haven't had much luck
  • when their instructor recommends they work with a librarian
  • when they find it useful to talk out their project