Popular Reading Collection in Zimmerman

More fiction

Other fiction titles can be found on the third floor of Zimmerman. If you wish to browse, literature is organized according to the Library of Congress classification:

  • PG – Slavic literature, including Russian, Baltic, and Albanian
  • PH – Uralic literature, including Finnish, Hungarian, and Basque
  • PJ – Some Middle Eastern literature including Hebrew, Egyptian, Ethiopian, Arabic, and Syriac
  • PK – Indo-Iranian literature, including Sanskrit, Hindi, Urdu, Iranian, Persian
  • PL – East Asian, African, and Oceanic literature
  • PM – Indigenous language literature of North, Central, and South America, and the West Indies
  • PN – General fiction, including poetry and drama
  • PQ – French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese literature
  • PR – British and Canadian literature
  • PS – American literature
  • PT – German, Dutch, Afrikaans, Scandinavian literature
  • PZ – Children’s and juvenile literature

Indigenous Nations

The Indigenous Nations Library Program (INLP) curates collections that support Indigenous Nations curriculum.

INLP is located on the second floor of Zimmerman Library. Literature by Indigenous authors can be found in INLP and throughout the stacks.

Children's literature

Select children’s and YA fiction is located on the third floor of Zimmerman Library in the Children’s Literature Reading Area and begins with the classification “PZ.”

If you are looking for research guides on children’s literature, please visit: