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UNM Press Trivia

by UL&LS Administration on 2018-09-11T13:13:01-06:00 | Comments

1. What year was the University of New Mexico Press founded?

                A. 1889
                B. 1929
                C. 1995
The answer is B. The University of New Mexico was founded in 1889. The Press gained national and international stature since the 1970s in fields that parallel the educational strengths of UNM: western history, anthropology, and archeology, Latin American studies, Chicana/o and Native American Studies, and photography and art.

2.  UNM Press activities generate over $1 million per year to benefit the New Mexico economy.

                A. True
                B. False

3. How many e-books does the UNM Press have in circulation?

                A. 75
                B. 125
                C. 550

Demand has fallen as library budgets are cut and the online sales of used books undercut the new book market. Many presses are experimenting with electronic publishing.
The University of New Mexico Press's e-books are available for purchase from a variety of consumer and institutional partners and distributors. Please check with your favorite e-book vendor regarding availability.

4. UNM Press is the publisher of New Mexico’s history textbooks for 4th, 7th and 9th grade students.

                A. True
                B. False

5. UNM Press collaborates with over ________ authors, institutions, agencies, and foundations worldwide.

                A. 1,000
                B. 5,000
                C. 10,000

6. UNM Press authors win over ____ awards each year and the books receive over ____ reviews in national and international publications and on TV, radio, and online, brining attention to the research efforts of UNM.

                A. 10 and 100
                B. 20 and 200
                C. 35 and 150    

To see the list of award winners, go here:

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