Qualitative Research Methods & Tools

Online Discussion Groups, etc.

QUALRS-L@LISTSERV.UGA.EDU (Qualitative Research for the Human Sciences) is a listserv hosted by the University of Georgia (UGA) Qualitative Research Program. Click on the link for information on how to subscribe.

UGA's SQUIG (Student Qualitative Interest Group) has also published a list of other listservs related to qualitative research and their website also includes lists of qualitative research journals, etc.

Training/Conferences beyond UNM

Below are some workshops and conferences that can help you build your qualitative research and methods skills/knowledge. Most of these charge a fee to attend.


Online QDA Software Tutorials & Help

The following links lead to online video trainings created by the companies who produce these programs. Note that HyperRESEARCH has a series of hands-on tutorials embedded in the software, which you should be able to use if you have a license.

Also search on YOUTUBE for NVIVO videos, many libraries and academic institutions have created useful videos that are quite good.

The Albuquerque/Bernalillo Public Library subscribes to LinkedIn Learning (formerly LYNDA.COM), a resources which includes online tutorials on how to use NVIVO. If you are a member of the LIbrary you can access this resources by clicking on the RESEARCH drop down tab, choosing ERESOURCES AND DATABASES, and then clicking on the letter "L" in order to find the link to LYNDA.COM.