Qualitative Research Methods & Tools

Getting Started & Support for Qualitative Research


QDA software like NVIVO helps you to organize and code your data.  If you are not familiar with coding, watch this short tutorial, Coding Your Data, for an overview and consider doing more reading on qualitative research in general to help you better plan your project.  

Indigenous & Critical Research Methods

Indigenous and critical research methods challenge Euro-Western epistemologies and methods and provide frameworks for alternative ways of knowing.

To learn more, search for the term "indigenous" or "critical" in the Sage Research Methods ebook database or visit this guide from the University of Victoria for some suggested books.

Doing Fieldwork in a Pandemic

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What is Qualitative Research

Below are a few websites with basic introductions to qualitative research:

  • Get Your Qual On is a YouTube channel started in 2016 by Dr. Sarah J. Tracy of ASU about qualitative research methods.  Her first set of videos is about how to think about and begin a qualitative research project. 

Recommended reading

  • Try searching the library catalog with the phrase "qualitative research" (in quotation marks) to find books at UNM or explore some of the recommended titles below (or contact Liz Cooper, Social Sciences Librarian, cooperliz@unm.edu, for a list of recommended books).
  • Download NYU Data Services' Working Bibliography of QDA Literature of the Field (2016) for a list of recommended books on qualitative research.