Qualitative Research Methods & Tools

Qualitative Research Support at UNM

QDA Software at UNM - NVIVO, etc.

QDA (qualitative data analysis) software helps you organize and code your research materials. The library provides access to the NVIVO software package for QDA. NVIVO is installed on 1 PC and 1 Mac in the UNM Centennial Science and Engineering Library's Collaborative Research Commons. The Library's computers are open to any UNM community member with a netid/password.

NOTE If you would like to work on a project using NVIVO in our lab, you will need to bring a HARD DRIVE to save to. Although a flash drive may work, it is not recommended as there is a greater risk of corruption as opposed to saving to an external hard drive.

Departmental computer labs may also have qualitative analysis software available. Check with your department.  Note that UNM Techfinder (which lists what software/hardware is available in different UNM locations) does NOT seem to include qualitative software on its lists (but it does include some quantitative software). 


Research Methods Courses at UNM

Many departments at UNM offer credit courses related to qualitative or quantitative methods.  In 2016 the College of Education's Methodology Group created a list of (many of) these courses. Althrough it may be out of date, it could provide a starting point.

Are you using mixed methods? Quant support

UNM Survey Support

Although surveys are generally used in quantitative research, if you are using mixed methods or including open ended questions in a survey, you might want to use software to administer and provide basic reports on your data.