Digital Data Management, Curation, and Archiving

Sharing & Publication

The Research Data Support & Services (RDS) @ UNM can assist researchers with their sharing and publication requirements via LoboDrive and LoboVault.

  • LoboDrive allows document sharing and workgroup collaboration in a secure environment for IRB compliance. 
  • UNM's Digital Repository allows data sharing and publication via UNM Libraries' institutional repository (IR).

The National Science Foundation (NSF) released a NSF Public Access Plan on March 18, 2015. The NSF’s Public Access Plan subtitled “Increasing Access to the Results of Research Funded by the National Science Foundation” was in response to the White House Office and Technology Policy (OSTP) memorandum titled Increasing Access to the Results of Federally Funded Scientific Research issued to the department heads of federal agencies on February 22, 2013. These two federal mandates along with the NSF’s Data Management Plan Requirements for researchers seeking NSF funding (January 2011) created and increased demand for (1) data management planning (DMP), (2) public access, and (3) data sharing.

There is growing development of research data management services (RDMS) in academic research libraries (ARL) as evidenced by the ARL SPEC Kit 334: Research Data Management Services (July 2013), RDMS address many complex processes involved in the management of research data throughout the data lifecycle including but not limited to data (1) access, (2) discovery, (3) management, (4) publication, (5) sharing, (6) use/reuse, and (7) preservation (e.g. long-term archiving).