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Welcome! If you are here looking for information about the NIH Data Management Sharing policy and planning resources, there is some information in this guide but we have created a dedicated guide on this topic with more detailed information:

Research Process

The UNM Library's Research Data Services Program provides a wide variety of services in support of effective research data planning, management, preservation, discovery and use. In addition to consultation and support services, the RDS team also provides support for several key research data infrastructure capabilities that are maintained by the Library for use by UNM's research community. The information below provides more detailed information about all of our team's consultation, support and infrastructure services - all aligned with the full research lifecycle as illustrated here. 

The remaining sections of this research guide provide much more specific information and access to resources related to research data planning, management, sharing and preservation.  

Consulation & Support

Data Management Planning Support

We are here to help research team develop the most effective plans for managing their research data and in developing the written data management plans that most funding agencies now require as part of funding proposals submitted for their consideration.

  • Data formats
  • Data collaboration, storage and backup strategies
  • Documentation strategies and standards
  • Research area-specific repositories & archives
  • Strategies for meeting publisher data sharing requirements
  • Developing agency-specific Data Management Plans

Data Reference Support

Working in data intensive research areas often requires access to data developed and shared by others. The Research Data Services team in the University Libraries is here to help you in your research activities.

  • Locating data for use in proposals, pilot or research projects and instructional programs
  • Evaluation of alternative data management tools, technologies and strategies
  • Identifying both on- and off-campus collaborators

Data Management Support

Effective research data management often involves thinking about what the entire workflow from initial data acquisition, through analysis and visualization, to publication and sharing. The RDS team in UNM's Libraries is here to help in supporting your end-to-end data management process.

Recommendations for:

  • data management strategies & workflows
  • analysis tools and technologies
  • visualization tools and technologies
  • strategies for meeting computational and data intensive research needs

Integration of research data products into LoboVault, including batch import of large data collections

Support for integration of research data into other repositories

Instruction and Training

Research data management is a continuously evolving discipline in which continuous learning and practice of new skills and strategies is the norm. UNM's RDS team works very hard to stay abreast of ongoing developments in the field and is provides training and instruction for classes, lab groups and individuals in a wide variety of subject areas.

Credit courses:

  • Introduction to Spatial Data Management (OILS 515)

General and Custom Data Management Traning Sessions:

  • data managment first principles
  • data documentation (metadata)
  • collaboration tools (LoboDrive & LoboGit)


UNM's Dryad Institutional Membership

Dryad is a general data repository for which UNM has an institutional membership. Our membership supports:

  • Deposits of data collections of up to 300GB in size
  • Provision of a Digital Object Identifier that can be used for citing a data collection and reporting to sponsors and publishers
  • Multiple methods of submission of data and documentation - web interface, linking to external storage systems (e.g. Dropbox), and secure FTP
  • Long-term preservation of data through the California Digital Library's CoreTrustSeal-certified repository.
  • Deposit fees are covered by our institutional membership. There are no costs to researchers.

UNM's Institutional Membership in Dryad is supported by the New Mexico EPSCoR Program through funding by the National Science Foundation (NSF) award #OIA-1757207.

LoboGit - Collaborative Code Development

LoboGit is a collaborative environment for shared software code development based on the Git version control system. It supports:

  • Synchronization between local and hosted repositories
  • Issue tracking/comments at the level of individual files
  • Wiki for developing shared documentation for collaboration groups
  • Public and private repositories

UNM Digital Repository - Preservation and Sharing

The UNM Digital Repository is the university's Institutional Repository for archival storage of research data, publications, documents, and documentation. It supports:

  • Portal interface for discovery and access of collections of documents/data
  • Permanent identifiers enabling citation of data/documents
  • Indexed by Google Scholar

Director, Research Data Services and Information Technology Services

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Karl Benedict
He, Him, His

Subject Areas
Data Science
Research Data Management
Geographic Information Science
Centennial Science and Engineering Library. Room L173

Research Data Services

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Jon Wheeler
Centennial Science and Engineering Library
Room L172
(505) 277-1687
Subjects: Data

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