CSWR Resource Guide

A guide to the resources housed at the Center for Southwest Research and Special Collections

University of New Mexico Digital Repository

A helpful link for navigating the UNM Digital Repository: https://digitalrepository.unm.edu/osc/8/ 

From the Digital Repository homepage:

"UNM’s Digital Repository is an open access institutional repository created to preserve, gather and disseminate scholarship, research and cultural works created by UNM faculty, staff and students within UNM departments, centers and programs. The repository supports teaching and lifelong learning within the UNM campus and broader New Mexico community by making deposited materials permanently and freely accessible."

Digital Repository materials cover a broad range of disciplines and formats. It also includes digitized elements from some of the UNM university archives collections. 


Note! The Digital Repository houses a tremendous variety of materials, but all of these materials are produced or have to do with UNM students, faculty, and staff specifically. 

Using the UNM Digital Repository



The Digital Repository homepage offers several entry points into the digital collections, as well as help using navigating the repository and uploading work. 

Since this libguide focuses primarily on using library and archival materials, the process of uploading work to the digital repository lies outside of its purview. (But it's pretty straightforward!)

Users can search the digital repository by name, keyword, year, and other terms. 

The advanced search function allows users to define a date range, add specific search fields, and sort search results by relevance or by date. 

Users can apply filters to search results from the results page as well as through the advanced search function. 

Tip: especially when first starting out on a project, or if you want a broad overview, it's a good idea to start with broad search terms and then filter them from the results page. 

Browsing the digital repository is a good way to get an idea of the breadth and variety of the collections. For example, the "Academic Department Resources" page lists materials uploaded to the repository by members of various academic departments on campus. 

Important note! The digital repository includes materials that have been uploaded by its users. Materials in the digital repository do not reflect all available materials, just the ones that have been uploaded. 

For example, the Psychology Faculty Publications page only includes one submission, but this does not mean that the entire psychology department has only published one thing! (I don't intend to pick on the philosophy department, it was just a good example!)

The digital repository houses documents from university departments to make them available for the long term. It also includes excerpted material from collections in the UNM archives (UNMA collections) housed at the CSWR. 

Digital collections from the university archives and historical records covers a wide range of departments and topics related to UNM. Some of these collections include more materials than others. 

The Black History at UNM collection is an example of the kind of curated materials produced by UNM and collected in the digital repository. 

Users affiliated with UNM can log in to the digital repository and set up research alerts via email when new material is uploaded. It also allows UNM-affiliated users to log in and manage their contributions and uploads to the repository. 

An important note: the digital repository includes a wide range of material also housed in the CSWR's university archives. The UNM archives are assigned identifiers that start with UNMA. To see the entire range of UNM archive collections, users should use the New Mexico Archives Online with the search term "UNMA."