CSWR Resource Guide

A guide to the resources housed at the Center for Southwest Research and Special Collections

UNM University Libraries Catalog

A search of the library catalogue will return results for any and all items housed under the umbrella of the UNM University Libraries, including manuscript, pictorial, and architectural collections held at the CSWR. 

In most cases the results for CSWR materials in the library catalogue will not include as much information as the corresponding NMAO finding aid page, but will provide patrons with the identifier number (MSS, PICT, etc.). 

Unlike manuscript or pictorial collections, which are findable through NMAO, the books and periodicals held as part of the CSWR's collections are only findable through the university libraries catalogue search. For more information on this process, see below. 

Searching the library catalog by author

For the purposes of this libguide, we'll start with searching the library for books by a particular author: Gary Paul Nabhan. 

Nabhan is a contemporary writer, historian, and horticulturalist whose work focuses on dryland agriculture and local foods. Given his regional focus on the Southwest (he is based in Arizona), it's a good bet that the CSWR will have at least some of his books. 


The catalogue will display results based on the search terms only (until further filtered). From here, researchers can look through titles that show up in the results and add filters to the search through the toolbar on the left side. 

One of the filters on the toolbar at left is a means of filtering by library. (Note that the CSWR's collection is housed inside Zimmerman library, but is distinguished from the main Zimmerman collection for purposes of cataloguing.) Clicking the box next to "Center for Southwest Research" will filter the search results to display only materials catalogued and housed in the CSWR. 

Filtering by library will display a new list of results. Print materials will also list where they are available below the title information in each search result. 

NOTE: In quite a few cases the university libraries will hold multiple copies of the same book or publication. In the example above, the same volume by Nabhan is available at the CSWR as well as in another library (in this case, in the Zimmerman collection - same building, but different collection). This is important because the CSWR's Anderson Reading Room is open from 10-4 Monday through Friday, and does not allow patrons to borrow and take home books or materials. Patrons unable to come to the reading room during those hours or who want to take materials out of the library to consult might consider checking materials out from the Zimmerman main collection. 

Of course, in some cases patrons might have a reason to consult the CSWR's copy of a particular book. For example, the CSWR has a fair amount of material by and about English modernist writer D.H. Lawrence, including old and rare editions of some of his novels. While more recently printed copies of these novels are available in the Zimmerman collection, a Lawrence scholar might want to see the cover art of a particular edition, or read material only included in older editions of the text. However, for a researcher who just wants to read one of Lawrence's novels, the Zimmerman collection will do just fine. 


After determining that a title seems interesting, patrons should note the following information to have the volume pulled in the reading room. 

- Title

- Author(s)

- Call number (make sure to write clearly!)

Note that even though the CSWR is located inside the Zimmerman Library building, we don't typically accept requests to pull materials catalogued in Zimmerman. For inquiries about borrowing and using Zimmerman Library materials, patrons should go to the main reference desk on the ground floor of Zimmerman Library (the east side of the building).