OER Grant Program @ UNM

Criteria for Selection

Successful proposals pursue innovations that further the UNM OER initiative mission. In reviewing the proposals, we will use the following criteria: 

Significance and Impact 

  • Course is part of a General Education requirement, a high-enrollment course (<75 students), has a high-failure rate. 

  • Course is part of a required core for a degree or program. 

  • Cost savings to students will match or exceed the amount of the grant within the first year of OER implementation. 

  • Course will make a significant impact for New Mexican students in terms of cultural relevancy, or the text will only be created if UNM-located instructors take the lead. 


  • Applicant has a thorough understanding of current available OERs for the course and recognizes where/how their project will fill gaps and improve relevancy for UNM students. 

  • Budget clearly explains all costs and expenditures 

  • Budget items are reasonable and in accordance with current pay structures for UNM faculty, staff, and students. When appropriate, the budget (or narrative) explains why certain items are justified. 

  • Do you have buy-in from a chair or senior level faculty member? If a graduate student, have you identified a faculty member who can be listed as a supervisor of the project?

  • Not required but helpful: Does the budget include in-kind or matching funds from other sources (such as the department or other funding agencies)? 

Inclusive and Accessible Learning  

  • Demonstrated understanding of how to create accessible materials. 

  • Clear plan for including diverse and relevant expertise, examples, and activities for UNM students. 


  • The applicant has a detailed and reasonable plan for updating materials and recognizes. 


  • The application includes a plan to publicly share OER online and apply a Creative Commons license. 

  • The project supports and facilitates collaboration between instructors (could include graduate student, and/or undergraduate collaborators). 


All proposals should be submitted electronically. Hardcopy submissions will not be accepted. You may contact the committee with any additional inquiries regarding the policies. 


Selection Committee

During the inaugural year of UNM's Open Textbook Pilot program, the proposal selection committee will be comprised of faculty and graduate students from diverse disciplines, ranks, and identities. Whenever possible, membership should include previous awardees. Committee members will include

  • Two members from the Faculty Senate and/or the faculty body.
  • Two faculty from GPSA and/or the graduate student body
  • Two members of the OER Working Group
  • and the OER Librarian.

The proposal selection committee will create a holistic rubric based on the application and selection criteria on this library guide, and use it to evaluate the projects submitted during this first grant cycle.

CC Licensing

Creative Commons License
OER Grant Program @ UNM by Jennifer Jordan is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.