OER Grant Program @ UNM

Frequency Asked Questions

Why engage with OER? 

  • Increase student engagement and retention 

  • Enhance instructor control and collaboration 

  • Adapt curriculum to college, department, and course outcomes 

  • Increase capacity and momentum to create and support OER 

  • Administer creative pedagogical tools 

How will OER help students? 

Benefits of OER for students from Open Ed Group: 

  • Students less likely to drop courses 

  • Students more likely to take additional OER courses 

  • Student success increases, generating more tuition revenue. 

How should I publish my materials?

Consider your project goals and existing options when deciding which publishing tool to use. Other considerations include which file formats students may prefer, as well as accessibility and formatting requirements.

Potential publishing platforms include:

How do I create a budget?

Budget items may include time spent researching, writing, and creating content. If you intend to pay for graduate student labor, please work with your department administrator to determine funding for labor to ensure that labor costs are in line with current UNM agreements.

Do OER require special technology to use?

One of the great things about OER is that users have the right to turn it into any format they wish (which is almost always forbidden with traditional resources). Therefore, OER aren’t tied to a particular type of device or software, which gives students and schools more freedom in what technology they purchase. In cases where technology isn’t available, there is always the option to print.

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Nicole Allen's handout which she adapted from “#GoOpen: OER for K-12 Educators” (www.tinyurl.com/GoOpen) by Doug Levin. Both are available under a CC BY 4.0 license.

And The Review Project by the Open Ed Group, also available under a CC BY 4.0 license.


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