Open Educational Resources: A Primer

Where to Find OERs

There are a multitude of OER out there to choose from, including textbooks, courses, multimedia, data, and supplementary materials. These can be found by searching regular search engines (like Google) and using certain keywords, but it is much easier to find them through dedicated OER repositories or websites. Down below, you will find links to different repositories and databases that house Open Ed materials.

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The materials contained in the "Where to Find OER Material" tab are adapted in part from Adoption Guide - 2nd Edition by BCcampus and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

Repositories and Curated Lists




Open Museum Digital Collections


Using Google Advanced Search

The Google search engine has an “Advanced Search” that lets you search by usage rights for content published to the Internet under an open license. The Advanced Search dialogue can be found under the Settings function or can be directly accessed at

Picture of the advanced search area in Google, to show users the area where they can narrow a search. One box sasy usage rights. Another box says free to use or share.

More Tips

You can pair CC keywords, Boolean operators, and discipline-specific terms to yield results:

  • Use and, or, not
    • Example: “James Baldwin” not Alec
  • Use quotes to yield more precise results:
    • “CC BY-SA” 
    • “CC BY-SA-NC”
    • “Creative Commons”
    • Repository
    • “Open Access”
    • “Open Educational Resource”
    • Or just search OER

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