Virtual Reality & 360° Video Services

This guide provides an introduction to the Virtual Reality and 360° Video services provided by the Centennial Science & Engineering Library, as well as other resources to help explore the technology.

3D Organon VR Anatomy

3D Organon VR Anatomy is the world’s first fully-featured virtual reality anatomy atlas. It is a multi-award winning immersive self-discovery experience into the human body.

With 3D Organon you can manipulate bones, muscles, vessels, organs and other anatomical structures in an immersive 3D space. Examine structures from all angles, read/listen to anatomical terminology, and study definitions. Delve into body systems, peek under the skin, and see what you are made of.

3D Organon unfolds life-like high resolution 3D models, covering every aspect of the human body. The extensive knowledge-base of anatomical definitions and terminology is based on the official Terminologia Anatomica.



Sharecare VR

Sharecare VR is a real-time simulation of the human body. Navigate and explore an anatomically accurate 3D model of the human body, its organs, and their function. Customize physiology and simulate diseases. Sharecare Vr allows customization to display diseases in varying states of severity. By adding treatments, Sharecare VR helps visualize and understand medical options.

Sharecare VR content is continuously being updated with new content.



The Physiology of the Eye: VR

The Physiology of the Eye is an interactive medical training tool that shows you how the eye works using scientifically accurate 3D models! This application will interactively explain the Anatomy and Physiology of the Eye. It is designed to teach the important features and functions of its structure using 3D animation, and then test your comprehension.




Work and collaborate on 3D medical Data in real 3D Virtual Space: Medicalholodeck is the medical Platform for Virtual Reality. Surgeons use it to prepare their upcoming surgeries, professors to teach human anatomy and radiology, students to study human anatomy, medical imaging and biovisualization Labs to work on 3-dimensional scientific data. Allows you to upload .MH format files.

Medicalholodeck's video tutorials.



The Body VR : Anatomy Viewer

The Body VR: Anatomy Viewer is the only commercially available VR visualization tool that is based on patient specific medical data (e.g., MRI, CT, PET) and satisfies DICOM standards. It provides real-time, anatomically accurate VR simulations to visualize medical diagnoses, illustrate the impact of procedures and treatments, and create more educated decision-making.  

The Anatomy Viewer is a revolutionary approach to visualizing traditional body scans acquired from CT, MRI, and other 3D scanning techniques. The user can interact with these scans, allowing the 3D volumes to be freely scaled and rotated. After identifying lesions or other abnormalities, the use can label areas using 3D annotations.



The Body VR : Journay Inside a Cell

The Body VR: Journey Inside a Cell is an award-winning educational virtual reality experience that takes the user inside a human cell. The experience allows you to travel through the bloodstream and discover how blood cells work to spread oxygen throughout the body. You then enter one of the billions of living cells inside our body and learn how the organelles work together to fight deadly viruses.