Virtual Reality & 360° Video Services

This guide provides an introduction to the Virtual Reality and 360° Video services provided by the Centennial Science & Engineering Library, as well as other resources to help explore the technology.

How to Reserve VR

Virtual Reality equipment is available for booking at the Centennial Science & Engineering Library (CSEL). This service is available for free to current UNM students, staff, and faculty.

To reserve:

  1. Check availability for VR via the University Libraries' booking service.

  2. Select the time and date you'd like to reserve with the equipment.

    • The VR equipment is kept in the DEN 2.

    • You can reserve the room for up to 3 hours/day

    • You will receive a confirmation to your UNM email.

  3. Check in with a staff member at the CSEL service desk at the predetermined time. Equipment must be signed out from the service desk.

    • Make sure and bring your current LoboID.

  4. Staff will help you get started using the VR equipment. If you have questions or concerns please contact a staff person.

  5. Remember to return the VR equipment you checked out to the service desk when you finish your session.

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer generated immersive environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real way by the user using special equipment like a headset or controllers.

How does VR work? The lenses of the headgear magnify the image, which fills your field of view with a stereoscopic view, and external sensors also track how your body moves. As you immerse yourself, you see nothing but your immediate virtual environment. Learn more by exploring resources on VR in the library, or better yet, try out the gear and experience it first-hand!

Learn more about VR from the video below:

VR Safety

  • Consult your doctor if you have a pre-existing medical condition (e.g. heart ailment) or psychiatric conditions (anxiety disorders or PTSD).

  • If you are sick, fatigued, under medication, not feeling well, generally tired, trying VR might worsen your condition.

  • Like other gaming products that produce light flashing visual effects, the VR headset may trigger epileptic seizures, fainting, or dizziness even if you have no history of these conditions.

Careful with cables. And don't sit on a virtual chair!

  • Keep in mind that there are cables running from the headset, move your feet slowly to avoid tripping.

  • Remember that simulated objects may appear in the virtual world, if you see a chair, don't sit on it!

Safety recommendations for when you use VR: