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Digital Humanities

Introduction / What is Digital Humanities?


The term Digital Humanities is very much debated. A Digital Humanities definition depends on who, for whom, from where, and how it is applied. 

Jason A. Heppler, a historian of the environment and capitalism in the twentieth century, pulled quotes from participants from the Day of DH between 2009-2014. As of January 2015, the database contains 817 rows and randomly selects a quote each time the page is loaded or refreshed. Click here to access the page.  If you want to do something cool with the data, he provides the code and data here.

Note: The day of DH is celebrated annually. Here's the lick for Day of DH 2022.


An academic field concerned with the application of computational tools and methods to traditional humanities disciplines such as literature, history, and philosophy

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Digital Humanities and the case for Critical Commons. It can be quite serious. A video for your amusement.

"Yet another Downfall detournement with Bruno Ganz holding the line against digital scholarship and fair use, courtesy of Critical Commons"