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Digital Humanities

U.S.-Based Associations, Groups & communities

The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) is an umbrella organization which promotes and supports digital research and teaching across all arts and humanities disciplines, acting as a community-based advisory force, and supporting excellence in research, publication, collaboration and training.

The Association for Computers and the Humanities (ACH) is a major professional society for the digital humanities. IT supports and disseminates research and cultivates a vibrant professional community through conferences, publications, and outreach activities. ACH is based in the US, but boasts an international membership representing 21 countries worldwide.

ACH welcomes members of any academic affiliation or professional role who are interested in the digital humanities and who would like to help shape the values and priorities of the organization. Although ACH is a US-based organization, it welcomes those who live in regions of the world that are not represented by existing professional organizations, recognizing that intellectual, cultural, institutional, and other forms of diversity make a vital contribution to scholarship and practice.

centerNet is an international network of digital humanities centers formed for cooperative and collaborative action to benefit digital humanities and allied fields in general, and centers as humanities cyberinfrastructure in particular. Anchored by its new publication DHCommonscenterNet enables individual DH Centers to network internationally — sharing and building on projects, tools, staff, and expertise. Through initiatives such as Day(s) of DH and Resources for Starting and Sustaining DH CenterscenterNet provides a virtual DH center for isolated DH projects and platform for educating the broader scholarly community about Digital Humanities.

The Digital Library Federation (DLF) is a community of practitioners who advance research, learning, social justice, and the public good through the creative design and wise application of digital library technologies.

National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH-DH) | The Office of Digital Humanities (ODH) offers grant programs that fund project teams developing new technologies for humanities research, teaching and learning, public engagement, open access publishing, as well as for those studying digital culture from a humanistic perspective. Another major goal of ODH is to increase capacity of the humanities field, interpreted broadly, in applying digital methods.

Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory (HASTAC) is an interdisciplinary community of humanists, artists, social scientists, scientists, and technologists changing the way we teach and learn. 

Non-U.S.-Based Associations, Groups & communities

The Canadian Society of Digital Humanities is a Canada-wide association of representatives from Canadian colleges and universities that began in 1986, founded as the Consortium for Computers in the Humanities. Our objective is to draw together humanists who are engaged in digital and computer-assisted research, teaching, and creation. 

The Australasian Association for Digital Humanities Inc (aaDH) was formed in March 2011 to strengthen the digital humanities research community in Australia, Aotearoa New Zealand and the Pacific and is a member of the international Alliance of Digital Humanities Organisations (ADHO).

The professional association acts to support and extend links between digital humanities researchers, improve professional development opportunities and provide international leverage for local projects and initiatives. aaDH organises the Digital Humanities Australasia conference every two years and provides a range of other opportunities for fostering understanding of digital technologies in the humanities.

The  European Association for Digital Humanities EADH brings together and represents the Digital Humanities in Europe across the entire spectrum of disciplines that research, develop, and apply digital humanities methods and technology. These include art history, cultural studies, history, image processing, language and literature studies, manuscripts studies, and musicology, amongst others. The EADH also supports the formation of DH interest groups in Europe that are deļ¬ned by region, language, methodological focus or other criteria.

La RedHD es una iniciativa de un grupo de académicos y académicas que nos reunimos en junio 2011 para discutir formas de impulsar y apoyar la formalización de las Humanidades Digitales.

The Digital Humanities Association of Southern Africa (DHASA) was officially established with the acceptance of its constitution at a general meeting of participants on April 5, 2016 at the Second National Digital Humanities Workshop also held at the NWU. Participants to the First National Digital Humanities Workshop held in 2015 at the North-West University (NWU), Potchefstroom, South Africa, decided in principle that a professional DH Association for Southern Africa should be established, and a Steering Committee was elected to further this cause.

Digital Humanities im deutschsprachigen raum  (DHd),  the Digital Humanities in the German-speaking world.

HUMANISTICA est l’association francophone des humanités numériques/digitales. Elle cherche à réunir autour d’actions communes toutes les personnes intéressées par le mouvement des digital humanities telles qu’elles peuvent s’exercer et se penser en langue française.