History of Books and Printing

Medieval Europe

Original leaves from medieval manuscripts:

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Collection of Medieval Manuscript Leaves, 1150-1470

Collection of 15th-Century Manuscript Leaves

Collection of Manuscript and Printed Leaves, 1100-1500


Additional parchment samples:

Robert W. Korber Collection of British Documents, 1565-1853

Missa imperial. Large 18th-century music manuscript on parchment.


Manuscript facsimiles (selected):

Book of Hours of Isabella the Catholic (Flanders, 15th century)

Hours of Catherine of Cleves (Dutch, 15th century)

Stockholm Codex Aureus (8th-century English Gospel book)

Apocalypsis Yates Thompson 10 (France, 14th century)

Valcavado Beatus (Spain, 10th century)

Menologion of Basil II (11th-century Byzantine lives of the saints)

Nowell Codex (source of Beowulf and other Anglo-Saxon poetry)

Vespasian Psalter (8th-century Anglo-Saxon)

The Canterbury Tales (facsimile of the Hengwrt Manuscript)

Codex Trivulziano 1080 (manuscript of Dante's Divine Comedy, 1337)

Fra Mauro Map (15th-century mappa mundi)

Liber Floridus (12th-century French encyclopedia)

Most volumes in the "Early English Manuscripts in Facsimile" series