History of Books and Printing

Decorative Paper

Marbled Paper

Les histoires du sieur d’Aubigné (Maillé, 1618).  Very early example.

D. Junii Juvenalis et Auli Persii Flacci satyrae (John Baskerville, 1761)

L’Art de verifier les dates des faits historiques (Paris, 1770)

Il Museo Chiaramonti (Rome, 1808). Very large.

Dell’ arte dei Giardini inglesi (Milan, 1797). Marbled boards.

Diccionario geografico universal (Madrid, 1783). Spanish wave.


Pattern Paper

Sa╠łmmtliche poetische Werke des Herrn Johann Benjamin Michaelis (Vienna, 1791)

C. F. Gellerts Moralische Vorlesungen (Biel, Switzerland, 1771)

Diccionario de la lengua castellana (Madrid, 1726-39) and Briefe über den Werth der Geschichte (Berlin, 1783). Same patterns in different colors.

Poemata sacra in candidatorum latinitatis gratiam (Mexico City, 1777)

Manual de parrocos (Mexico City, 1766)


Papier dominoté (block printed or stenciled)

Veritas consilii burgofonte (Augsburg and Freiburg, 1764). Papers made by Jean-Baptiste Letourmi of Orléans. 

Opusculo sobre los catorce casos reservados... (Mexico City, 1816). Blue and white endpapers printed by Pierre-Fiacre Perdoux of Orléans.


Paste Paper

Voyages d’Antenor en Grèce et en Asie (Paris, 1795)

Aeneae Sylvii Piccolominei senensis… opera (Basel, 1551). 18th-century pulled paste paper boards.

Calculi infinitesimalis (Vienna, 18th century). Pulled paste paper boards.

Claire Bolton, Maziarczyk Paste Papers (Oxford, 1991). Modern examples.


Gilt Paper

Reglamento y aranceles reales para el comercio libre de España (Madrid, 1778)

Cartas de Santa Teresa de Jesus (Brussels, 1674). Brocade endpapers by Paul Reymund of Nuremberg.



John Keats, Lamia, Isabella, The Eve of St. Agnes, and Other Poems (Golden Cockerel Press, 1928)

Rudyard Kipling, The Seven Seas (Leipzig: Tauchnitz, 1897).  Common edition rebound in deluxe binding, with gilt Italian Art Nouveau endpapers.

Mexicana (1931). Printed Mexican-themed endpapers.

Phoebe Jane Easton, Marbling: A History and a Bibliography (Los Angeles, 1983). Unique, Japanese-inspired fine binding by Lage Carlson.

Mr. Vanderbilt’s House and Collection (Boston, 1883-4). Elaborate brocade pattern.

Sample books of marbled and printed papers (Douglas Cockerel, St. Albans, Henri Putois). Jack D. Rittenhouse Papers, MSS 431 BC, box 2.

A Dictionary in Spanish and English (London, 1623). Endpapers are binding waste recycled from an edition of Holinshed’s Chronicles

Chinesische Schattenspiele (Munich, 1915). Unique cyanotype endpapers printed from Chinese shadow puppets.