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This collection comprises a large selection of sheet music, many with illustrated covers. Some of the artist signatures on the illustrated covers have been recognized to be Andrés Audiffred, Angel Soto, Medina Ramos, Gómez, Peña, Villanueva, and Juan Silveri, among others. Since many of these scores were published through arts magazines and periodicals, many contain advertisements relevant to the time period during which they were published, primarily from the first half of the twentieth century. These advertisements speak of the type of audiences to which different products were targeted, specially women. Fashion models can be gathered from some photographs and illustrations found in the back covers of some of the scores and on the interior pages of some anthologies. Many of these also display photographs of the composers on the front covers.

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The Latin American Music Collection showcases 1,002 materials representing 11 Latin American countries, 6 European countries, and the U.S. The majority of this special collection is a cross section of music made popular in Mexico during the latter part of the nineteenth century into the twenty first, dating from 1897 through 1996. The collection showcases 659 vocal scores; 208 instrumental scores, including orchestral scores, chamber ensemble pieces, and scores for solo instruments, primarily piano; 70 music collections and anthologies; 26 score manuscripts and score transcriptions, and 39 miscellaneous texts, such as newspaper articles and inserts and cancioneros. The collection includes the works of popular composers such as Manuel M. Ponce, Carlos Gardel, Enrique Delfino, Giselle Galos, Rafael Hernández, María Grever, Agustín Lara, Ernesto Lecuona, Aaron Copland, Gonzalo Curiel, and Miguel Lerdo de Tejada. Many of these scores display illustrated covers by Andrés Audiffred, Angel Soto, Medina Ramos, Gómez, Peña, Villanueva, and Juan Silveri, among others. 

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Estefanía Cuevas Wilcox, the Latin American Music Fellow at the Center for Southwest Research, is currently processing this special collection. Follow her blog to stay up-to-date with her progress.

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