Biology 360L: General Botany

Citations in American Journal of Botany Style

In this course, you are required to format citations according to the style used by the American Journal of Botany (AJB). There are three recommended ways to model this citation style.

  1. Look to bibliographies in recent articles published in the American Journal of Botany as examples and model your citations accordingly.
  2. Find citation style information in the Author Guidelines on the American Journal of Botany website. The journal provides a collection of example citations.
  3. If you're using Zotero or another citation management software (Mendeley, EndNote, etc.), you can search the style library/repository for American Journal of Botany style, download the style, and use the software to automatically format your citations.

Zotero Citation Management Workshops

Learn how to use Zotero, an open source bibliographic manager, to save time and streamline how you collect and organize your research literature. These library workshops will also review the role of extensions in web browsers and Microsoft Word/Google Docs, which together can be used to harvest citation data, add in-text citations, and create automated bibliographies formatted to nearly any citation style for papers and other assignments.


Thurs. February 17, 11am-12pm (virtually on Zoom): Registration

Wed. March 23, 1-2pm (in Zimmerman, room B30): Registration

Tues. April 5, 3-4pm (in Zimmerman, room B30): Registration