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Political Science 312, American Presidency, Dr. Rocca

Political Science 312, Dr. Michael Rocca, Fall 2017

Getting Ideas

There are many ways to get ideas for a research topic and to learn a bit more about the context/background of a topic you find interesting.

One way is to look at your TEXTBOOK -- is there a chapter you find interesting?  If so, look at the citations in that chapter and track those down to learn more.

Or browse and search through some news, blogs and websites that have a politics/policy focus. Some good ones, with a more political-sciencey bent are listed below OR check out this website that recommends political blogs (based on their popularity). 

Finding Scholarly Information

Don't forget to search the LIBRARY CATALOG (the search box in the middle of the library's home page) to help you find books, videos, articles related to your topic.


Find a good article on your topic and then FOLLOW ITS CITATIONS!  That is, look at its bibliography to see who the author cited and try to find some of those articles AND track who has cited this article using the CITED BY feature in many databases to find some of those articles.  One good article can lead you to many!