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CJ365: Media History

Find Newspapers, Magazines, and Other Media


Magazines and other popular print media
  • BBC Archive TV, radio, and more from the British Broadcasting Corporation
  • YouTube (search for specific TV ads - no metadata so you need to know what you want to find here before searching)


General History Online Primary Sources/Links 

Find Scholarly Sources

Scholarly Journal Articles

Try these first

Other databases of interest

You may need to search in other disciplinary databases, depending on your topic.  Click here to see a list of our databases, which you can sort by subject.


Scholarly Books

 Find scholarly monographs and other books concerning a single topic


Search Tips

Tips for specific resources

  • Google Scholar  When off-campus, use the link on the LIbrary's website to access Google Scholar.  This will tell Google you are a UNM student and allow you to access the full-text of articles UNM has from off-campus.  (To find the links, either use the links on this page or gp to the library home page and in the  "Databases by Title" box, click on "G" and then scroll down to find the link to Google Scholar. 
  • Communication & Mass Media Complete 
    • Create an EBSCOhost account to save your articles online.
    • Search multiple databases at once, click on the "Choose Databases" link at the top of the page.
  • Library Catalog Use the limiters in the "Refine Your Search" column to make your search more specific. 

General advice

  • Keep it simple - limit your first searches to two or three keywords.
  • Separate concepts go in separate boxes (if there are multiple search boxes).
  • Try variations of your search terms, i.e., drug abuse, drug use, substance abuse, addiction, illegal drugs.
  • Use Boolean operators: AND (narrows search, joins different concepts) OR (broadens search, joins similar concepts)
  • Use the built in limiters - like date or era or peer-reviewed or language.