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Databases for Identifying Scholarly Journal Articles

What is a Literature Review?

Searching for a known item

If you know the title of an item (i.e. you are not just searching for anything at all on a topic, but rather, you have a specific item you want to read), the easiest way to find it is to paste/type the full title of the item within quotation marks in the QuickSearch box on the library homepage and then click on the search icon.  Hopefully, your item will display in the search results!  

Note that if you have anything incorrect in the title -- a typo, a missing word, etc. -- your search will not be successful, so check your search terms if you do not find your item.

Note also that sometimes books also have book reviews that will also come up in a title search -- so be sure you are looking at the record for the item you want.  

APA (American Psychological Association) Style

APA Style is a citation style used by many of the social sciences disciplines for bibliographies and in-text citations. Here are some tools for learning about APA Style:

Visit the UNM CAPS Writing Center for additional help with citations. 

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