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HMHV 1101 – Social Contours of Health, Fall 2023

Dr. Owen Whooley

Find scholarly journal articles

Tips for searching databases

  • Keep it simple - limit your first searches to two or three keywords.
  • Use the built in limiters - like date or era or peer-reviewed or language.
  • Search variations of your search terms/synonyms, i.e., drug abuse, drug use, substance abuse, addiction, illegal drugs.
  • Use Boolean operators: AND (narrows search, joins different concepts) OR (broadens search, joins similar concepts)

Medical Reference/Textbooks

For background information on a disease. (Note, these are NOT considered peer-reviewed journal articles. These are just for background.)

ASA (American Sociological Association) Style

In sociology, ASA Style is usually the preferred citation style for bibliographies and in-text citations (it is similar to APA Style). Here are some tools for learning about ASA Style:

Note: ASA Style Guide 7th Edition (2022) is on order 9/23 and should arrive soon.

Visit the UNM CAPS Online Writing Center for additional help with citations.