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CUL&LS Service Improvements

  • Web site redesign
  • LibGuides
  • E-reserves

CUL&LS Assessment Projects

Best Practices Baseline Studies

  • Research and Data Services
  • Library Commons tour

Other Related Campus Reports and Surveys

Question #10. UNM IT is going to begin equipment checkouts for students. What devices would you prefer to be made available? Consider and rank equipment that is essential for your academic success? 

Question #12. Based on your wireless network needs, please rank the following:

Question #14. Do you have adequate electrical resources on campus to charge devices used for your studies?

Questions #15. List UNM technologies for which you need training.

Question #17. In the past year, to what extent have you used the following technologies for your coursework? Indicate also whether you would use these technologies used [sic] more or less?

Question #21. Please list any other physical upgrades or technologies needed for classrooms, labs, commons, or your academic work areas at UNM?

Question #24. What do you use the MyUNM site for what is your purpose when you visit the site? If you never visit this website, why not?

UNM IT Student Survey 2012

Question #5. Which of the following social media tools do you use to stay in touch with friends, family, co-workers and/or classmates?

Question #10: Where is your preferred place to study?

Question #11. How useful, satisfying or important to your success as a student are the following existing service?

Question #15: What physical improvements do you feel are needed for learning environments at UNM?

UNM IT Faculty Survey 2013

Question #25. Rate the technical support you get from the following entities and rank your most frequently used.

UNM IT Annual Reports - FY2009-2009 - FY2014

FY2014 - http://cio.unm.edu/annual-report/docs/it-annual-report-fy-2014r.pdf


CUL&LS Strategic Planning


CUL&LS Strategic Partnerships

  • CARC
  • DataONE
  • Digital Measures
  • EIMI
  • GRC
  • LTER
  • Math MaLL (College of Arts & Science)
  • OVPR&ED partnership
  • P&T software
  • RSC - Research Storage Consortium
  • Pharos Printing

Accreditation Timeline

UNM Accreditation 2020

Higher Learning Commission - https://www.hlcommission.org/

HLS Resource Guide 2015 - http://download.hlcommission.org/ResourceGuide_2015_INF.pdf

University of New Mexico - Statement of Accreditation Status


UNM 2009 Self Study Report - http://accreditation.unm.edu/common/docs/archives/unm-self-study-final-2009.pdf

University Libraries - see report pp 117-124 (actual pdf pp 109-116)

Most recent reaffirmation of accreditation: 2008 - 2009 -


UNM HLC Accreditation 2018-19 - http://hlc2019.unm.edu/

Next reaffirmation of accreditation: 2018 - 2019