African Americans in New Mexico

More ideas

There are a number of websites with useful information on African American history in the U.S.

Here are examples:

African American Experience: The American Mosaic - from ABC - CLIO, has documents, images and more - excellent material on the larger history of Blacks in the U.S., from colonial to present issues. A search for "New Mexico" brings up a Timeline for NM African American History and also one for Arizona African American History, plus studies on Estevan, the explorer, sectionalism and slavery expansion into the American West, NM views of slavery, Buffalo soldiers, Ralph J. Bunche, Henry O. Flipper, recent population figures and more.

Black Studies Center - from ProQuest, gives a good view of African Americans throughout the history of the U.S. Use search term "New Mexico" and it provides various essays, readings, timelines and articles on the activities of African Americans in the state.