African Americans in New Mexico

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General Vertical Files and UNM Vertical Files - at the CSWR:

Over the years I have kept some newspaper clippings, research notes and articles related to African Americans in New Mexico and filed them in cabinets at the CSWR  - because there is limited material in the archives on this topic.

There are two folder sets - one for general broader New Mexico history and one for University history topics.

There is a computer file listing of the file folder headings on the Reference computer in the Anderson Reading Room, of the Center for Southwest Research.

Here are some of them:


Afro Americans - African Americans

-African Americans - Albuquerque Businessmen, Black Entrepreneurs 1880-1933 - John Ellis study

-African Americans - Blacks in Albuquerque in 1909
-African Americans - Blacks in Albuquerque in 1955, Albuquerque’s fading color line
-African Americans - Blacks in Albuquerque in 1970s-1980s
-African Americans - Blacks in Albuquerque in 1990s
-African Americans - Blacks in Albuquerque in 2000s

-African Americans - Brief time line New Mexico, African American history, Albuquerque

-African Americans - Albuquerque - Groups, Organizations (including NAACP, Griot Society, etc.)

-African Americans - Archive Proposal - 1990, UNM - Cortez Williams (ideas)

-African Americans - Bibliographies - African American Studies Library, UNM, holdings

-African Americans - Bibliographies - African Americans - general NM / SW sources, misc.  

-African Americans - Bibliographies - MSS colls. at CSWR referring to African Americans

-African Americans - Bibliographies - New Mexico Historical Review, references in articles for Negros, Blacks, etc.  

-African Americans - Bibliographies - Quintard Taylor, University of Oregon: “Afro-Americans in the West,” reading list

-African Americans - Bibliographies - UNM African American studies classes, course outlines, guides    

-African Americans - Census data, 1850 New Mexico, from U.S. gov. online

-African Americans - Exhibits, Albuquerque, UNM, Santa Fe (AAS) - African American history in NM, examples

-African Americans - Historical Research Patrons - Cortez Williams, Albuquerque organization

-African Americans - Hispanics and African Americans, history of, in Albuquerque

-African Americans - Juneteenth, NM - remembrances, Albuquerque

-African Americans - Kwanzaa tradition - NM and U.S.

-African Americans - Military - Buffalo Soldiers, history in SW, Albuquerque group, re enactors, etc.

--African Americans - Office of African American Affairs, State of New Mexico

-African Americans - Performing Arts Center - NM Expo, State Fair 2007 museum  (See also Alb. Museums list for center)

-African Americans - Prominent Black People - Men

-African Americans - Prominent Black People - Women (See also folders in VF section under Women)

-African Americans - Prominent Black People - Women - posters, Women of Hope, American leaders

-African Americans - Southwest, migration to, 1865-1970

-African Americans - Southwest “Seeking Sunbelt Freedom: AAs in Urban SW, 1865-1970,” Quintard Taylor                              

-African Americans - Spanish Colonial era and African Americans - NM, history documents, including Albuquerque

Other folders:

-Albuquerque Businesses - Newspapers - African American publications

-Albuquerque Churches - Baptist, Mount Olive, African American

-Albuquerque Churches - Grant Chapel, African American

-Albuquerque Districts - East Las Lomas, East End - African American neighborhood

-Albuquerque Museums - African American Museum and Culture Center
                                                    (See also AA Performing Arts Center)

-Albuquerque Restaurants - Aunt Brenda’s Barbeque, African American

-Albuquerque Restaurant - Powdrell’s Barbeque, African American

-Arts, Groups - Albuquerque - African Americans, artists

Other Vertical Files referring to African Americans, contributions, in local area:

-Bailey, Harold, UNM Professor, Educational Foundations, African American

-Ballou - biographical, African American family, Albuquerque

-Banks, Joseph, UNM student, African American

-Baton, Maisha, UNM historian, author, African American

-Becknell, Charles, UNM educator, African American

-Bunche, Ralph, United Nations Undersecretary, Nobel Prize winner, from Albuquerque

-Chisum, John S., rancher, highway route, includes his Black children

-Clifton, Alborn, neighborhood activist, Albuquerque

-Columbus, NM - general history, Villa raid, African Americans in Columbus

-Davis, Gerald Lew, UNM professor, American Studies

-Education - African Americans, Albuquerque, discrimination, first teachers, students, etc.

-English, Elsie, community, neighborhood organizer, Albuquerque, 1960 - 1970, African American

-Estevanico - Estebanico - explorer (Estevan) NM

-Gammon, Reginald, artist, African American, Albuquerque

-Gibbs, Fanny, volunteer, activist, African American, Albuquerque

-Glover, Virginia Outley (Ballou), developer, African American, Albuquerque

-Hamilton, Albert Howard, Minister, African American

-Jews - Jewish and African Americans, relations, in NM

-King, Martin Luther, Jr. - and NM Civil Rights (African American memorial in Albuquerque,
                                activities NM) (See also African American Studies in UNM Vertical Files)

-Lagrone, Oliver, UNM, artist, African American

-Lewis, Edward, publisher, UNM, Essence, African American women’s magazine

-Lewis, James, NM Politician, State Treasurer, African American, UNM

-Lewis, John, musician, African American, Albuquerque

-Lloyd, Michael Ray, actor, teacher, African American, Albuquerque

-McKay, Joe, UNM, student leader

-Malry, Lenton, UNM, Professor, NM State Representative, African American

-Metivier, Marion Timm, UNM, Affirmative Action, African American

-Monroe, Mitzie, editor, African American

-Morrisey, Charlie, volunteer, Civil Rights leader, African American, Albuquerque

-Perkins, Don, UNM, football, African American

-Plummer, Adolph, UNM athlete African American

-Plunkett, Jim, football player Oakland Raiders, from Albuquerque, African American 

-Richardson, Barbara, author, historian, African American, NM

-Ranching, cowboys, Negro, including Montgomery Bell

-Simms, Fred, Negro stenographer to UNM founder Bernard Rodey, 1889

-Tijerina, Reies Lopez, activist, Alianza, Land Grants, Civil Rights, Brotherhood with Blacks

-Tijernia, Reies Lopez - Poor People’s March, Washington, DC 1968, includes African Americans

-Toliver, Richard, UNM Regent, African American

-Trotter, W. Costello, Baptist minister, African American

-Veterans - military, defense - Black Medal of Honor Winners - African Americans

-Williams, Thomas, UNM Student Body President, African American

-Wilson, Fred R., artist, potter, sculptor, African American

-Women - (misc. leaders, file on mixed races, minorities, NM, some Albuquerque included)


From the UNM Vertical Files:

-UNM - Alumni Association, Black Alumni Chapter, 2012 (African American)

-UNM - Campus Activism - African Americans, issues (includes Black Panthers)

-UNM - Clubs - Organizations - Groups - Alpha Phi Alpha, Black Fraternity - first on campus, history

-UNM - Department - African American Studies (Black Studies, Black Student Union, activities, struggles)

-UNM - Departments - Athletics (African Americans)