African Americans in New Mexico

Vertical Files at CSWR

General New Mexico Vertical Files and UNM Vertical Files 

Over the years, I have kept in file folders at CSWR some newspaper clippings, research notes and articles related to African Americans in New Mexico because there is limited material on this subject in the archives.

There are two Vertical Files folder sets - one for general broader New Mexico history and one for University history topics.  There is a computer file listing of the file folder headings on the Reference computer in the CSWR's Anderson Reading Room.  

Also, an abbreviated list of the folder headings is available online via  the CSWR home page (left side bar).

Below are some of the folder headings related to African Americans in greater detail for better understanding.


From the General New Mexico Vertical Files:

-African Americans - Albuquerque Businessmen, Black Entrepreneurs 1880-1933 - John Ellis study

-African Americans - Blacks in Albuquerque in 1909
-African Americans - Blacks in Albuquerque in 1955, Albuquerque’s fading color line
-African Americans - Blacks in Albuquerque in 1970s-1980s
-African Americans - Blacks in Albuquerque in 1990s
-African Americans - Blacks in Albuquerque in 2000s

-African Americans - Brief time line New Mexico, African American history, Albuquerque

-African Americans - Albuquerque - Groups, Organizations (including NAACP, Griot Society, etc.)

-African Americans - Archive Proposal - 1990, UNM - Cortez Williams (ideas)

-African Americans - Bibliographies - African American Studies Library, UNM, holdings

-African Americans - Bibliographies - African Americans - general NM / SW sources, misc.  

-African Americans - Bibliographies - MSS colls. at CSWR referring to African Americans

-African Americans - Bibliographies - New Mexico Historical Review, references in articles for Negroes, Blacks, etc.  

-African Americans - Bibliographies - Quintard Taylor, University of Oregon: “Afro-Americans in the West,” reading list

-African Americans - Bibliographies - UNM African American studies classes, course outlines, guides    

-African Americans - Census data, 1850 New Mexico, from U.S. gov. online

-African Americans - Exhibits, Albuquerque, UNM, Santa Fe (AAS) - African American history in NM, examples

-African Americans - Historical Research Patrons - Cortez Williams, Albuquerque organization

-African Americans - Hispanics and African Americans, history of, in Albuquerque

-African Americans - Juneteenth, NM - remembrances, Albuquerque

-African Americans - Kwanzaa tradition - NM and U.S.

-African Americans - Military - Buffalo Soldiers, history in SW, Albuquerque group, re enactors, etc.

--African Americans - Office of African American Affairs, State of New Mexico

-African Americans - Performing Arts Center - NM Expo, State Fair 2007 museum                                                                                                                       (See also Alb. Museums list for center)

-African Americans - Prominent Black People - Men

-African Americans - Prominent Black People - Women  (See also folders in VF section under Women)

-African Americans - Prominent Black People - Women - posters, Women of Hope, American leaders

-African Americans - Southwest, migration to, 1865-1970

-African Americans - Southwest  -“Seeking Sunbelt Freedom: AAs in Urban SW, 1865-1970,” Quintard Taylor                              

-African Americans - Spanish Colonial era and African Americans - NM, history documents, including Albuquerque

Other related folders:

-Albuquerque Businesses - Newspapers - African American publications

-Albuquerque Churches - Baptist, Mount Olive, African American

-Albuquerque Churches - Grant Chapel, African American

-Albuquerque Districts - East Las Lomas, East End - African American neighborhood

-Albuquerque Museums - African American Museum and Culture Center
      (See also AA Performing Arts Center)

-Albuquerque Restaurants - Aunt Brenda’s Barbeque, African American

-Albuquerque Restaurant - Powdrell’s Barbeque, African American

-Arts, Groups - Albuquerque - African Americans, artists

More folders:

-Bailey, Harold, UNM Professor, Educational Foundations, African American

-Ballou - biographical,  African American family, Albuquerque

-Banks, Joseph, UNM student, African American

-Baton, Maisha, UNM historian, author,  African American

-Becknell, Charles, UNM educator,  African American

-Bunche, Ralph, United Nations Under Secretary, Nobel Prize winner, from Albuquerque

-Chisum, John S., rancher, cattle highway route, his Black children

-Clifton, Alborn, neighborhood activist, Albuquerque

-Columbus, NM - general history, Villa raid, African Americans in Columbus

-Davis, Gerald Lew, UNM professor, American Studies

-Education - African Americans, Albuquerque, discrimination, first teachers, students, graduates, etc.

-English, Elsie, community, neighborhood organizer, Albuquerque, 1960 - 1970, African American

-Estevanico - Estebanico - explorer (Estevan) NM

-Gammon, Reginald, artist, African American, Albuquerque

-Gibbs, Fanny, volunteer, activist, African American, Albuquerque

-Glover, Virginia Outley (Ballou), developer, African American, Albuquerque

-Hamilton, Albert Howard, minister, African American

-Jews - Jewish and African Americans, relations, in NM

-King, Martin Luther, Jr. - and NM Civil Rights, Albuquerque memorial,  activities NM

-Lagrone, Oliver, UNM, artist, African American

-Lewis, Edward, publisher, UNM, Essence, African American women’s magazine

-Lewis, James, NM Politician, State Treasurer, African American, UNM

-Lewis, John, musician, African American, Albuquerque

-Lloyd, Michael Ray, actor, teacher, African American, Albuquerque

-McKay, Joe, UNM, student leader

-Malry, Lenton, UNM, Professor, NM State Representative, African American

-Metivier, Marion Timm, UNM, Affirmative Action, African American

-Monroe, Mitzie, editor, African American

-Morrisey, Charlie, volunteer, Civil Rights leader, African American woman, Albuquerque

-Perkins, Don, UNM, football, African American

-Plummer, Adolph, UNM athlete, African American

-Plunkett, Jim, football player Oakland Raiders, from Albuquerque, African American 

-Richardson, Barbara, author, historian, African American, NM

-Ranching, cowboys, Negro, including Montgomery Bell

-Simms, Fred, Negro stenographer to UNM founder Bernard Rodey, 1889

-Tijerina, Reies Lopez, activist, Alianza, Land Grants, Civil Rights, Brotherhood with Blacks

-Tijernia, Reies Lopez - Poor People’s March, Washington, DC, 1968, includes African Americans

-Toliver, Richard, UNM Regent, African American

-Trotter, W. Costello, Baptist minister, African American

-Veterans - military, defense - Black Medal of Honor Winners - African Americans

-Williams, Thomas, UNM Student Body President, African American

-Wilson, Fred R., artist, potter, sculptor, African American

-Women - (misc. leaders, minorities, NM, some Albuquerque included)


From the UNM Vertical Files:

-UNM - Alumni Association, Black Alumni Chapter, 2012 (African American)

-UNM - Campus Activism - African Americans, issues (includes Black Panthers)

-UNM - Clubs - Organizations - Groups - Alpha Phi Alpha, Black Fraternity - first on campus, history

-UNM - Department - African American Studies (Black Studies, Black Student Union, activities, struggles)

-UNM - Departments - Athletics (African Americans)