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Women, Gender & Sexuaity Studies Resources

Women's Studies is interdisciplinary meaning it crosses multiple subject areas. Therefore, many subject specific databases will contain relevant materials, so try searching in multiple places with the same keywords (see the tabs to your left). And please get in touch with me if you have questions or want a little help!

- Lori

Scholarly journal articles (Try this first)


Searching Tips

1. Identify key concepts:

inequality, women athletes
maternity leave, breastfeeding

2. Find Synonyms (alternative keywords, sometimes narrow or broader):

aggression, violence, bullying
motherhood, maternity, parenting

3. Use Truncation (putting * at the end of a word stem, broadens search):

gender* (gender, genders, gendered)
feminis* (feminism, feminist)

4. AND (joins concepts and narrows the search)

power AND crim*
feminis* AND athlet*

5. OR (using related terms, broadens the search)

("gender identity" OR "gender expression")
(child* OR infan* OR toddler) 

6. "...." (quotes for phrase searching)

"gender identity"
"reproductive right*"