Study Abroad: UNM Library Services & Resources

Use your public library's ebooks & audiobooks

If you live in Bernalillo County, you can register as member of the Albuquerque Public Library.  If you are a resident in another county or state, you may be able to register as public library member there. Many public libraries have access to popular e-books and audio books that you can download through services such as Overdrive.  Visit your local public library's website to see what types of e-books  and audio books they have available -- often they have foreign language materials, so you can practice reading and/or listening. 

Language Practice

Languages taught at UNM

UNM offers courses in more than 12 languages and the UNM Language Learning Center provides resources to support language learning for students enrolled in these courses.

Free language learning software and apps

There are many free software programs and apps for learning languages. One popular free online tool for language learning is DuoLingo. You might also want to Google around to see what else you can find or search the App Store. Additionally, your local public library may have language learning software you can try. For example, the Albuquerque Public Library provides its members access to the Pronunciator language learning software.