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Citation Chaining

Citation chaining is a way of following citations backwards (by using works cited to find previous article) and forward (using Google Scholar to find newer articles).  It is a useful technique for finding more research on a topic.  Below are explanations of the two techniques. 

Backwards Citation Chaining 

Step 1: Select the citation's title. 

Select the title and copy

Step 2: Enter the title into the catalog search. If the library has access, you'll see it in the results. Otherwise, you can request it via Interlibrary Loan. 

Enter title into catalog search box. Full text is in the list

Forward Citation Chaining

Step 1: If you find an article you like and want to see who has cited that article, go to and enter the title into the search box. Once you find the citation for the correct article, look for the "cited by" link at the bottom of the citation.  


Results list in google scholar. Cited by link is at the bottom of the citation

Step 2: Once you click the "cited by" link, you'll get a list of texts that have used the article.  This is a good way to find newer scholarship on a topic.  If UNM has access to the article, you can click the "Find@UNM" link on the side.  Otherwise, you can request via Interlibrary Loan. 

Results list of articles cited by the original article.


Find @ UNM Button

If there's not a PDF attached to the citation in the search results list, click the "Find @ UNM" button. 

Find @ UNM button under citation in search results

If UNM has access to the article, you'll get a "View Full Text" link.  

View Full text link

If there is not a link to "View Full Text", you can click the "Request It" button to request  the article via ILL (which is free to you as a student).

"Request it" button