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OILS introduces new AI literacy course empowering students for an AI-driven future

by Sara Velasquez on 2023-10-12T12:29:58-06:00 in OILS | 0 Comments

Image of an Asian student studying and writing in a notebook in a library. other image shows a tech background with lights and grid lines. OILS logo is present. The Organization, Information, and Learning Sciences (OILS) program is pleased to announce the launch of an innovative AI Literacy Course designed to equip students with essential knowledge and skills to thrive in an AI-driven world.

OILS 293 AI & Education: Future of Learning is an eight-week Zoom course that will be offered in the second half of the fall 2023 semester. This groundbreaking course, developed by a team of faculty members aims to provide students with a solid foundation in AI principles, applications, and ethical considerations.

According to Victor Law, OILS program director and course instructor, "By the end of this AI in education class, our goal is to empower students with a strong foundation in AI literacy. This includes understanding AI principles, its applications in education, and the ethical considerations surrounding AI. We aim for students to confidently and effectively utilize AI tools and resources to enhance their academic performance, problem-solving skills, and information literacy throughout their academic and lifelong learning endeavors."

OILS recognizes the rapid evolution and impact of artificial intelligence on our lives, with developments like ChatGPT garnering widespread attention. This motivation led to the creation of a dedicated AI course to empower students with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate this ever-changing landscape.

Dean Leo Lo of the College of University Libraries and Learning Sciences added, "We find ourselves at a transformative juncture where artificial intelligence is not merely a subject for the future; it is our present reality. This course is far from a routine educational offering; it's a decisive step towards preparing our students to not just adapt but excel in an AI-imbued landscape. We aim for them to be informed participants in AI discussions, not just passive end-users. Our commitment is clear: we're not just cultivating skills; we're shaping the next generation of leaders who will navigate the complexities of an AI-empowered world."

What sets this course apart is the wealth of expertise within OILS and the College of University Libraries and Learning Sciences. Faculty members bring diverse backgrounds and skills to the table, ensuring students gain insights from various perspectives. This holistic approach not only helps students understand how AI works but also how to use it responsibly and ethically.

Ethical considerations surrounding AI in education are a significant focus of the course. While academic integrity is a concern, the course explores the broader ethical implications of AI in education. Students will develop a robust ethical framework to make informed and ethical choices in an increasingly AI-driven world.

The AI literacy course at OILS represents a significant step in preparing students for the future, where AI is not just a tool but a transformative force. Students interested in enrolling in the course can go to to register. The course information is listed below:

OILS 293-001 AI & Education: Future of Learning
Tuesdays, 12 – 1:40 p.m. - Zoom
CRN 77092

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