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Summer of Sci Fi

A guide to support 2020 online events for the Lobo community

Text against a stylized space background: Summer of Sci Fi. Connect with other Lobos and science fiction fans! #UNMSOSF

Keep in touch this summer

From alternate histories to dystopias and from cyberpunk to space opera, the University Libraries invites the campus community to celebrate science fiction this summer while making vital connections during these socially distanced times.

If you’re already a dedicated Trekker, Whovian, Browncoat, Gater, X-phile or another type of science-fiction fan, we would love for you to share your enthusiasm.

But even if you have never given the genre much thought before, now is a great time to explore how the stories we tell about possible futures – from the realistic to the fanciful – allow us to ask questions about how our choices shape the world and how we can create a better one.

Show us your cosplay!

Share fun photos of yourself, your family, or your pets dressed up as your favorite science fiction character with the library on Twitter or Instagram (@unmlibraries). Remember to use #unmsosf. We can't wait to see your creativity!

Thank you

This effort is partially supported by the Linda K. Lewis Endowment for Science Fiction and Women’s Studies. In the spirit of the Lewis estate’s generous gift, the Summer of Sci Fi book club will discuss a collection of science fiction stories from a woman author, Sarah Pinsker’s Sooner or Later Everything Falls into the Sea.

You can view all of the materials purchased through the Lewis Endowment in the library's catalog