THETA S Instructions

Downloading the App

RICOH THETA S smartphone app cover art


Basic smartphone app that supports Live view shootings and change of various shooting settings available in App store and Google Play


A specialized smartphone app for editing 360 degree still images taken with the RICOH THETA available in App store and Google Play


A computer App that allows you to view, convert, and share spherical images that you captured

Download link for Computer and Smartphone Applications:

Connecting to a Smartphone

When the camera is connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can use your smartphone to shoot and view images or videos.


1. Press the power button on the camera to turn on.

2. Press wireless button to turn the wireless function on. (wireless lamp should flash)

3. Select the SIDD of the camera in the network list of the Wi-Fi settings on your smartphone and enter the password. The serial number printed on the base of the camera is the same as the SIDD and password.